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February 20, 2023

Trucking Insurance with DUI Convictions 2022

When truckers hit the road, they pose risks not just to themselves. Their actions may harm the trucker’s business, as well as other drivers. If a trucker does not drive safely or ethically, they might put many different people at risk.

A common risk posed by drivers is the chance that they may drive under the influence of alcohol. Should a trucker face a DUI charge, this signifies that the trucker operated unprofessionally. Commercial truckers should be very careful to avoid these charges. DUIs may impact a trucker’s insurance rates and their ability to operate.

Penalties from DUI Charges

As a trucker, a driver has to make sure he or she completes their dispatch safely. If the driver takes unnecessary risks, he or she puts their business assets at risk also. Consuming alcohol and then operating a dispatch increases on-road risks. Driving while intoxicated may lead to damage for the trucker, their business and other drivers and their property.

Therefore, the penalties for commercial driving under the influence are often severe.

  • If a trucker receives a DUI while dispatched, they might face immediate termination or other disciplinary action from their employer. These penalties might arise from DUI charges that occur even when the trucker is off duty. Truckers should avoid DUIs not only while working, but also when driving privately.
  • DUIs may lead to suspension of a trucker’s commercial driver’s license or points on that license. How the charge will affect a driver’s ability to operate will likely vary based on the operator’s state of residence.
  • The driver’s trucking insurance rates may increase following a DUI. This often happens because the driver poses more liability risks to their insurer. Some truckers get their insurance privately, while others receive it from their employer. The structure of the policy will likely affect how much a DUI influences policy rates.

Many trucking companies require drug and alcohol testing. Furthermore, trucking companies might enforce randomized drug and alcohol testing to help encourage drivers not to drive under the influence. This helps ensure that prospective drivers pose relatively low risks when they operate.

It is therefore imperative that truckers avoid DUIs at all costs. The safest way to avoid DUIs is to not drink and drive. Truckers should strictly follow this one simple rule.

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