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February 22, 2023

Should I get Uninsured Motorist?

My answer is Yes!  People don’t know exactly how many people are driving without state required liability coverage. Yes, the state of Georgia does require that every driver have at least liability coverage to cover others if they were to damage someone’s vehicle or injure others, but the fact remains that people are still driving with no coverage. The state is getting very strict against these drivers but since these drivers are still out we still need to protect ourselves. Uninsured motorist coverage pays for injuries resulting from an accident with a driver that does not have liability coverage, or in the case of a hit and run accident. As for the car you have, Uninsured Motorist Property Damage, this pays for damages to your car by an uninsured driver.
Most people say that they can’t afford to spend the few dollars that it takes to get these coverage but the truth is, you can’t afford not to have this type of coverage. Let’s take for example a guy by the name of Tom. Tom is hit by an uninsured driver, the accident severely damages his car. Tom is on a fixed income has no savings, does not have access to any other vehicles, plus he is hurt in the process. The Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury portion will provide help for his medical expenses, and the the property damage portion would help him with getting his vehicle repaired with a lower deductible than he would most likely have if he had collision coverage. I always ask my customers, Now think for a second how you would react if you were hit by someone that damages your vehicle, or hurts you and your family in the process, and to top it all off turns out to not have any insurance? Many people can hardly afford their everyday expenses much less unexpected expenses. The good thing about this coverage is that it is a lot less expensive than having comprehensive and collision coverage.
Many people wait to late to ask about this coverage. Many people normally just think about the bottom line and just get liability coverage once their car becomes a certain age, but the truth is honestly you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to a financial disaster without this coverage.

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