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February 28, 2023

Are You Better Off in a Small Car?

There are many factors that contribute to why you purchase the vehicle you purchase. For some people, owning a minivan is safer for their families. However, with the cost of owning a car increasing over the years, many people are wondering whether owning a smaller car may be better.

Smaller Cars Aren’t as Safe as Other Cars

There are a lot of benefits to owning a small car, but safety isn’t one of them. Although car manufacturers are trying to enhance the safety features included in small cars, they simply can’t deny physics. If you are driving a smaller car and you collide with a bigger car or truck, you are simply better off in a bigger frame that’s heavier and resistant to rolling over.

Compact Cars don’t have Enough Room

Within the United States, the average size of families is 1.86 children, meaning most couples have at least one child. However, there are a large number of households who have multiple children; and as they grow, a compact car may become too cramped. With most people purchasing a car in the hope that it will last for years, a compact car isn’t often the first choice for families.

Save Money with Smaller Cars

Although safety is a motivating factor for many people, it’s not the only factor you may consider when you are buying a car. Most people like saving money, and that’s where smaller cars have the best advantage—they save you money. From the cost of purchasing the car to the cost of fuel to the cost of car insurance, there is no other type of vehicle that comes close to the cost-savings associated with owning a small car.

Compact Cars Are Environmentally Friendly

Of course, there is increasing concern for the environment and the effects cars have on the environment. If you share these concerns, then driving a small car may make sense to you. Smaller cars are more fuel efficient, so these cars may not emit as many pollutants back into the environment.

Obviously, there are both pros and cons to owning a compact car. Safety, one of the most prevailing reasons people choose a vehicle, is still questionable when it comes to compact cars. Whether you drive safe or not, colliding with another vehicle in small car can result in serious injuries. Although it may cost you less to purchase auto insurance for a small car, you may want to consider the long term ramifications of owning a smaller car.

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