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February 21, 2023

5 tips that will save you car insurance premiums in Georgia this 2022

Owning a car is a convenience in Georgia because so much work, leisure and general family activity depends on road transport. With a population of about 10.7 million people as of 2020 Census, Georgia has about 8.8 million registered cars and an average about annual 1,556 driving fatalities. Cars come with insurance costs that can be a burden if they are too costly. Here are five tips that will get you lower car insurance premiums.

1. Cherish your good driving record

Cultivate a good driving record so that you are able to leverage that when negotiating for premiums. A good driving record will grant you a lower premium.

2. Opt for higher deductibles

When it comes to deductibles, you should go with the highest that you could afford. The trick with deductibles is that the payment lets you honor most of the risk that compels you to take insurance in the first place. You must therefore become extra careful with your driving and car protection efforts to limit any opportunistic occurrence of risk. Assuming that you are a careful driver, and live in a secure neighborhood with a car that has all security features installed, then you should enjoy low premium payments without much effect on the out-of-pocket costs.

3. Only pick what you need

You should only take the basic car insurance requirement for your case. For example, if you own a car whose value is very low i.e. less than $1000 then it makes no sense to pay for collision insurance. You are better off with only liability coverage since the cost of repairing the car may as well qualify for a new one. In the same way, owners of newer cars that attract a high resale value should look carefully at what they really need on the insurance cover. Sales people will always try to sell you more than you need so that they can earn higher commission. You need to look beyond this gimmick. Do extensive research. Ask your friends and neighbors who have similar cars about their experience with insurance needs and their answers will help you determine the type of cover that you need. In the end, you will be able to save on unnecessary expenses.

4. Name teenagers as occasional car users with no criminal record

When you are naming your teenagers as users of your car, make sure you indicate that they are occasional drivers. If they do not regularly use the car, then you will qualify for lower premiums. The industry treats teenage drivers as a higher liability risk compared to adult drivers. To lower this risk perception and attract lower premiums, you will need to keep your teenage driver away from any sort of police criminal record. Your insurer will rely on those records to establish the riskiness of your teenager. Ensure that your son or daughter keeps away from traffic tickets in Georgia at the very least.

5. Get a defensive-driving certification

Residents of Georgia have the option of taking up defensive driving courses that are approved by the National Safety Council. Once you have the certification, you can use it to negotiate for lower premiums. In essence, the certification shows that you are capable of avoiding common risk causes and therefore you are unlikely to have many claims in a year.

Remember, it is always the interest of the insurer to reduce the number of claims from its customers to remain in business. Go on and use the tips mentioned above to tilt the car insurance situation to your favor.

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