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Rich history from the landing at Jamestown back in 1607

The City of Newport News sits on a prime vantage point where the James River meets the Chesapeake Bay. The city runs approximately 23 miles along the James River and the Hampton Roads Harbor. Steeped in history, ours is a community of diverse trades including shipbuilding, technological research and international commerce.

Newport News was named for Christopher Newport, captain of the Susan Constant, the lead ship of the 3-ship fleet that carried the Jamestown settlers to the New World in 1607. Captain Newport made several more trips between the New World and England. After the Starving Time of 1610, the original colonists abandoned Jamestown and encountered Captain Newport on the James River and learned that reinforcements of men and supplies had arrived, thus prompting their return to Jamestown. The place where that occurred became known for Newport’s good news, “Newport’s News,” and eventually just Newport News.

Newport News boasts a strong historical heritage which is commemorated in our seven museums and historical sites. If you prefer a less traditional pursuit of learning, you can enjoy classes, performances and exhibits at one of their six community or art centers. Once your through catching up on history, you can relax with hiking, boating and fishing in a variety of their 36 natural parks. Source: Newport News Gov

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