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Myrtle Beach SC Auto, Home & Business Insurance

Myrtle Beach SC Auto, Home & Business Insurance

The BEACH and The Grand Strand

Myrtle Beach, a city and vacation resort on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, is the hub of the Grand Strand, a 60-mile string of beaches. It’s also known for its celebrity-designed golf courses. Along its beachfront boardwalk are arcades, souvenir stands and restaurants, as well as the old-fashioned Family Kingdom amusement park and the SkyWheel, one of the country’s tallest Ferris wheels.

The City of Myrtle Beach is a residential and vacation community at the heart of South Carolina’s Grand Strand coast. Our 35,000-plus permanent residents and millions of visitors enjoy wide beaches, warm weather and an incredible range of entertainment and activities. Myrtle Beach was incorporated in 1938 and became a city in 1957, when the permanent population first topped 5,000. The name “Myrtle Beach” comes from the wax myrtle, an abundant local shrub, and was chosen in a name-the-town contest in 1900. Source: City of Myrtle Beach

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Myrtle Beach

According to Visit Myrtle Beach, get the best out of your Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area vacation with these reasons:
1. 60 miles of beaches
2. won’t break the bank to visit
3. Fore!
4. Entertainment Aplenty
5. Food!
6. Sky High
7. Shop Til’ You Drop
8. The People
9. Sports
10. Nature’s Majesty